Steve Wilson Wildlife Consultant  

Steve Wilson Wildlife Consultant

Steve Wilson is an award-winning Australian herpetologist, naturalist, photographer and author based in Queensland. He also takes a keen interest in birds and mammals, invertebrates and botany.

Steve has authored and co-authored eight reptile books ranging from natural history to reference books (national, state and regional identification guides) and a children's book .

For nearly 40 years he has been working to compile one of the most comprehensive image libraries of Australian and international reptiles. These photos appear in his field guides and dozens of other books and magazines. See Photo Galleries for a selection.

He has been employed by the Queensland Museum as an Information Officer since 1986, educating the public, identifying their specimens and (hopefully) instilling a desire to conserve our unique biological heritage.

Services Offered

    • Steve conducts public lectures on his photography and travels. He also designs and conducts herpetological workshops and provides information sessions for industries on common sense around snakes, spiders and other potentially dangerous animals in the workplace.
    • Steve can organise and guide tours to destinations Australia-wide, tailored to suit particular needs. These include a range of desert, rainforest and tropical locations.

    • Steve has implemented efficient fauna monitoring systems that have proven successful on many pipeline construction projects totaling thousands of kilometres.

    • His pipeline fauna management system effectively demonstrates how industry and conservation can both benefit in a cost effective manner when they work together, while addressing Workplace Health and Safety issues

    • Steve has had extensive experience over the past 20 years in conducting fauna surveys primarily in South East Queensland.