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There is an old Chinese curse: 'May you live in interesting times'. Steve must have fallen victim to such a curse as he has been a fortunate witness to spectacular events, places and wildlife. There are plenty of good yarns behind 40 years of field work to far flung destinations across nearly 30 countries. These include the trials tribulations of wildlife photography, working with snakes and other reptiles, involvement in writing and publishing, and relocating thousands of native animals while working as a fauna consultant in the gas pipeline industry. For an entertaining and informative presentation, consider Steve Wilson as the speaker at a future society meeting.


These have been conducted through TAFE, the Queensland Museum, ecotourism venues and Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The workshops are training sessions, structured to cater to the requirements of different clients. These include ecotourism interpreters and guides, fauna surveyors and members of the public keen to advance their knowledge. Topics covered include reptile ecology, identification and field techniques. They encompass various levels of expertise, ranging from basic information on common and significant local frog and reptile species to more challenging topics including taxonomy and identification of skinks.

Workshops can be tailored to suit particular needs. Ecotourism guides require a broad introduction to the regions they cover, with a particular emphasis on interesting facts about the more common reptile species they are likely to encounter with their tour groups. Such information is invaluable when escorting clients. For fauna surveyors professionally conducting fieldwork, a sound knowledge of reptile identification techniques is a mandatory requirement.

Steve Wilson has extensive Australia-wide field and identification experience. His identification books are among the standard Australian references. The workshops are designed for easy modification according to locality. Whether in the Kimberleys, Cape York, Central Australia, Tasmania or the urban environment, the herpetology of most regions can be effectively covered by these workshops.


With an expert working knowledge of Australian reptile identification, distribution, habitats, field techniques and photography, Steve Wilson is ideally placed to assist in planning and guiding field trips. Whether visiting Australia from overseas or travelling within Australia, travellers with an interest in herpetology can benefit from having a guide with the most thorough, practical information.

Steve can organise and guide tours to destinations Australia-wide, tailored to suit particular needs. These include a range of desert, rainforest and tropical locations.

During these tours Steve can assist in location, identification and photography of reptiles and frogs.

It is important to note that reptiles are protected in all Australian states. Anyone wishing to capture or restrain them must hold the appropriate current permits.


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