Steve Wilson Wildlife Consultant  


Steve has implemented efficient monitoring systems that have proven successful on many pipeline projects totaling thousands of kilometres. His 'refuge-based' method, providing humid, cool refuge sites at regular intervals, provides animals with shelter from hot, dry conditions. The refuges also concentrate fauna in accessible checkpoints, allowing easy capture and removal and enabling many kilometres of trench to be regularly monitored on a daily basis.

His pipeline fauna management system effectively demonstrates how industry and conservation can both benefit in a cost effective manner when they work together.

It addresses Workplace Health and Safety issues by removing dangerous wildlife from the workplace.

It lends scientific credibility to the project by collecting comprehensive distributional data. Tens of thousands of identifications accompanied by GPS coordinates and habitat data have been added to state wildlife databases.

It helps fulfill the project's environmental obligations by rescuing trapped fauna,

Steve's pipeline work includes the following projects:

NQGP's Moranbah to Townsville project (3000+ animals removed & relocated),

Origin Energy's Spring Gully to Wallumbilla pipeline (1000+ animals removed & relocated),

Sunwater's Burdekin to Moranbah Water Pipeline (1800+ animals removed & relocated),

QSN Link Moomba to Ballera pipeline (1000+ animals removed & relocated),

Walloons Development Project (2750 animals removed & relocated),

Epic Energy's QSN3 Wallumbilla to Moomba project (15,000+ animals removed & relocated).


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