Steve Wilson Wildlife Consultant  


Steve has worked as a fauna consultant for more than 20 years, with clients including industry, local councils and conservation groups. He can provide expert information about wildlife issues, including surveys, Previous fauna consultations include:

"Reptile Survey of Keswick Island", a report compiled for the Department of the Environment to assess areas proposed for development;

"Reptile Survey of the Ipswich Shire", a report compiled for the Ipswich City Council as part of a broader stocktake of biodiversity within the shire;

"Reptile Survey of the Ipswich Shire II", a follow-up assessment of the Ipswich City Council's biodiversity values within some of Council's key conservation areas, providing recommendations to preserve these values in the long term. This survey was under subcontract to Brown & Root in April 2001.

"Fauna Survey of Sandy Creek, Enoggera: a disturbed riparian habitat in a light industrial area", a report compiled for the Brisbane City Council prior to proposed flood mitigation works;

"Fauna Survey of Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island", a report provided to Redlands Shire Council as part of a Coastcare grant to investigate biodiversity and multiple land-use issues.

"Fauna of the Darling Downs Rail Corridors: Diversity and Management Options", a report for Queensland Rail to recommend means to retain or enhance biodiversity, particularly in relation to threatened species, within their Darling Downs and Southern Brigalow Belt land holdings.


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